Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Twenty

My purpose for being vegetarianism is to go against the ways of how animals are treated at farms that sell their products to us.  Not only am I against the treatment of animals that we humans consume, but I am against the treatment of animals that we humans purchase as pets. There are these horrible places called puppy mills. It's a large-scale breeding operation where the money brought in is more valuable than the treatment of the dogs.  Because of how these priorities are put in order, the dogs bred at these mills had a lot of health problems including heart disease, deafness, eye problems, fleas, heartworm, and parasites.  Since the operators don't check the dogs for sicknesses such as those, puppies are sent to pet stores and homes diseased and unhappy.
At these puppy mills, the dogs are kept in overcrowded and unclean conditions.  They're kept in cages with wired flooring that can hurt their paws.  The cages are sometimes stacked on top of each other and barely bigger than they are.  The dogs at the mills never get to go outside and are stuck in their disgusting living area or they spend their whole life outside exposed to all types of weather.
Puppy mills send their dogs to pet stores, so if you are planning to get a dog, I urge you not to go to a pet store to find one.  All pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills, and if we stop purchasing them there, the pet stores will stop buying them from the mills.  If the pet stores stop buying the dogs from the mills, then they'll have to be shut down.
Even though I never plan on eating dogs, places like puppy mills still abuse these poor animals and it needs to be put to an end as well.
So I ask that you please never get a dog from a pet store and instead to adopt. Even buying one from a responsible breeder that you know treats their dogs kindly is better than supporting these awful puppy mills.


  1. I like the information that you write about and think it is valid stuff but do have other opinions when it comes to the believe of these dogs practically being tortured at as pets for other humans.

  2. I like the information you gave, it was very detailed

  3. your blog is nice and has good info. and I wish you luck on your journey of being a vegetarian