Friday, March 7, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Nineteen

A friend of mine who knew I was a vegetarian sent me this gif that I attached to this post.  Before you decide to watch it, I have to warn you that it is very graphic and gruesome.  In the gif, it shows baby chicks being grounded up in this machine. Supposedly the clip has sound too where you can hear the chicks scream, but for some reason you can't hear it which I'm not too upset about because I'm sure it's not a very pleasant sound.
      The story behind the video is that farmers grind up the male chickens because they're infertile so they have no use for them.  They are suppose to kill the animals humanely, but grinding them is easier, plus they can be used to feed the pigs or they are just thrown away.
     It's all pretty disgusting and I don't know who could feel good about themselves after grinding up baby chickens.  Things like this  are what keep my going at my lowest points when I want to go back to eating meat.


  1. Madelyn,
    I came across that video my accident. It was on my facebook news feed, and as I was scrolling it played automatically. I didn't know what it was, and as it played it caught my eye. At first, I smiled at all the baby chicks- and then I was absolutely shocked by what happened next. To say the least, it ruined my night. It made me really reflect about human nature- and not only that people do this, but that they think it's entertaining enough to be posted and spread on social media as entertainment, or something funny. At the very least, that particular method while gruesome, is probably not a painful death. What do you think about filming these kinds of acts? Is it sick entertainment- or education?

  2. I also accidentally came across this video on Facebook, and I had similar feelings, as any one should. I replayed the video a few more times to look for evidence of this being a fake, cruel joke, but only to became more depressed and disgusted after every view. I hope that after watching this I can finally stop making excuses to myself and follow in the same path as a vegetarian.

    I also hope you grew from this new experience so far and I believe you won't only manage to complete your goal for a year, but stick for years to come afterwards.