Monday, February 3, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Fifteen

On Sunday night it was the Super Bowl, and the Super Bowl is known for all of the awesome food, but unfortunately I couldn't take part in any of this because oft vegetarianism.  I missed out on all the good stuff like chili and hot dogs and all that meaty goodness. I know that they make vegetarian chili and things of that nature, but no one really had time to so that and make a whole seperate meal just for me so that wasn't happening. So that day was one of the more difficult times for me to sacrifice meat to say the least.
     I've been thinking about my reasoning to become a vegetarian and as you may know, it's because of the abuse of the animals at the farms that sell meat to stores.  I think as long as these animals were treated with care and respect and didn't have disgusting living conditions, that I wouldn't be against eating meat.  For example, when people hunt, those animals are living in the wilderness, where they can live freely and are not imprisoned in a cage barely larger than themselves.  These animals in the wild had a chance at living, so therefore I am not against them being hunted as long as the people that kill them are making the most of the animal by eating it and things of that nature, and not just shooting it for game.   So basically I've concluded that my purpose for vegetarianism is not because animals are being killed, but it is the way they are being killed.

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  1. Madelyn,
    I agree with you! I think that if it wasn't for factory farming, I would have never become a vegetarian. But I'm also not sure that I could go back to eating meat after so many years of avoiding it. I took a class on genetics a year or two back, and I learned about a new method of food production that involves cloning meat. Not cloning an entire live animal- but just the meat. So they could take a couple cells from a single living cow and create as much food from that as you could ever want without ever killing the cow! You can learn more about that here :
    A lot of people think it's weird or unnatural. It's expensive to start up, but once it gets going it could be providing high quality and low cost meals around the world.
    Would you eat "In Vitro meat"?