Monday, April 7, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Twenty One

Track season started at my school a few weeks ago and I was a little worried that my dizziness and light-headedness would affect me during the season. When we first started doing more intense workouts at practice, I noticed I became very dizzy whenever we'd have a water break.  I decided to buy some protein bars to see if that would help.  I purchased a ton of different kinds of Cliff bars and Luna bars.  They both have about 9 grams of protein in them and also have a good amount of iron and different necessary vitamins to maintain a healthy body.  They're actually really good; I always look forward to snack on them during school.  Not only are they yummy, but I think that they definitely help in keeping me stabilized and feeling good.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Twenty

My purpose for being vegetarianism is to go against the ways of how animals are treated at farms that sell their products to us.  Not only am I against the treatment of animals that we humans consume, but I am against the treatment of animals that we humans purchase as pets. There are these horrible places called puppy mills. It's a large-scale breeding operation where the money brought in is more valuable than the treatment of the dogs.  Because of how these priorities are put in order, the dogs bred at these mills had a lot of health problems including heart disease, deafness, eye problems, fleas, heartworm, and parasites.  Since the operators don't check the dogs for sicknesses such as those, puppies are sent to pet stores and homes diseased and unhappy.
At these puppy mills, the dogs are kept in overcrowded and unclean conditions.  They're kept in cages with wired flooring that can hurt their paws.  The cages are sometimes stacked on top of each other and barely bigger than they are.  The dogs at the mills never get to go outside and are stuck in their disgusting living area or they spend their whole life outside exposed to all types of weather.
Puppy mills send their dogs to pet stores, so if you are planning to get a dog, I urge you not to go to a pet store to find one.  All pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills, and if we stop purchasing them there, the pet stores will stop buying them from the mills.  If the pet stores stop buying the dogs from the mills, then they'll have to be shut down.
Even though I never plan on eating dogs, places like puppy mills still abuse these poor animals and it needs to be put to an end as well.
So I ask that you please never get a dog from a pet store and instead to adopt. Even buying one from a responsible breeder that you know treats their dogs kindly is better than supporting these awful puppy mills.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Nineteen

A friend of mine who knew I was a vegetarian sent me this gif that I attached to this post.  Before you decide to watch it, I have to warn you that it is very graphic and gruesome.  In the gif, it shows baby chicks being grounded up in this machine. Supposedly the clip has sound too where you can hear the chicks scream, but for some reason you can't hear it which I'm not too upset about because I'm sure it's not a very pleasant sound.
      The story behind the video is that farmers grind up the male chickens because they're infertile so they have no use for them.  They are suppose to kill the animals humanely, but grinding them is easier, plus they can be used to feed the pigs or they are just thrown away.
     It's all pretty disgusting and I don't know who could feel good about themselves after grinding up baby chickens.  Things like this  are what keep my going at my lowest points when I want to go back to eating meat.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Eighteen

This blog post is going to be all about recapping the 20 time project. I think this 20 time project is a great idea, it allows students to pursue their passions and allots time for them to pursue it because without this project, most of these students' work would only be a thought.  I know that is definitely the case for me because I've always wanted to become a vegetarian because of my concern for animal rights, but without this project I doubt I'd actually act on it.  That's probably the thing I like most about this project is that it allows students to pursue something that they love.
     Something that concerns me about this project is that for some students, coming up with an idea to pursue isn't so easy.  Choosing something that you enjoy to work on  that must last at least  entire school year is a more difficult task than it may sound.  Obviously everyone has things that they enjoy doing, but sometimes it's difficult to put that into a project.  I know that the projects some students are doing are something that they really feel passionate about, but with others I feel like it may just be another school project.  Personally, I don't feel this way because I think my vegetarianism project is an interesting experience, but I feel as though others just threw an idea together to get the job done.  Also I'm pretty nervous for the speech I have to present at the end of the year for this project.  It has to be at least eight minutes long, so I'm a little worried about how I'm going to talk about vegetarianism and what I've learned from it for that long, but hopefully I'll figure something out.
     I don't  think I would do anything differently for my project. I'm satisfied with the way things are going. Maybe I wish I'd done more research on a healthy vegetarian diet, but I think it all is working out. Maybe something I would've done differently would be to have planned it all out more specifically such as when I totally made the conversion over to vegetarianism, or my Meat Day, and when and if I return to being a carnivore, but that date has yet to be set.  So overall, I think that 20 time is an awesome idea.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Seventeen

As I write this post, I can hear my stomach growling.  This vegetarian diet has limited me to so many food options that I'm sometimes left hungry for more after a meal.  I realize that I should be finding ways to fill my stomach for every meal of my day, but sometimes making a whole seperate dinner for myself during a family dinner isn't mine or my mom's favorite activity. I feel bad for my mom because I know this isn't her responsibility to be whipping a completely seperate dinner for me each night, and I realize there's only so many quick vegetarian-friendly dishes she can whip up along side the dinner he's making for the rest of my family.  So sometimes when there's nothing vegetarian-like in the fridge, I just pile up on the side dishes that my mom has with the meal like salad, veggies, or maybe some garlic bread on nights we have spaghetti.
     From the beginning of my diet change to today, I have lost a total amount of eight pounds.  Obviously, this is probably not a very good thing since I'm only sixteen years old and still growing.  I acknowledge that I need keep up with maintaining a healthy diet with this vegetarianism, but it's not as easy as it may sound.  Being surrounded with friends and family who are all meat eaters makes it sometimes difficult to consume what I can. As you may know, I made this diet change because I am concerned about the treatment of animals at meat-supplying farms, but I may have to put my health at a higher priority as of now and consider if this diet change is the right decision for me.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Sixteen

 In my earlier posts, I spoke about doing something called a "Meat Day," where I'd eat meat for a day which I notice is pretty self explanatory as I write this. I was planning on this day later in my journey, maybe a month or two from now, but I was really craving some chicken wings the other day.  My friend really wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, and I told her I'd go, but I would just have to get something without meat, which obviously items of that sort were sparse on the BWW menu.  She tried to persuade me to just eat meat this once, but I said I wasn't going to.  When we arrived, I searched and searched the menu but nothing meatless looked appealing to me.  Eventually I got so frustrated that I said alright today will be meat day. So I ordered some wings, a ten piece, boneless, and covered in sweet barbecue sauce.  I had a mix of emotions, I was excited and nervous.  Excited to  taste meat after going without it for so long, and nervous for the possible guilt that would hit me afterwards.  Once my chicken wings arrived, I was timid to take the first bite.  That bite would ruin my streak, Id have to start all over again. But as I looked at those yummy wings, I forgot about all of that for a second and dug in.  Let me tell you, it was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I did feel a little guilty, but it was overruled by the joy and happiness I felt.  My quick fix for meat from this project was needed I think because I was becoming very stressed with it, and felt I lot of frustration from it, so overall I say it was a successful meat day.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Fifteen

On Sunday night it was the Super Bowl, and the Super Bowl is known for all of the awesome food, but unfortunately I couldn't take part in any of this because oft vegetarianism.  I missed out on all the good stuff like chili and hot dogs and all that meaty goodness. I know that they make vegetarian chili and things of that nature, but no one really had time to so that and make a whole seperate meal just for me so that wasn't happening. So that day was one of the more difficult times for me to sacrifice meat to say the least.
     I've been thinking about my reasoning to become a vegetarian and as you may know, it's because of the abuse of the animals at the farms that sell meat to stores.  I think as long as these animals were treated with care and respect and didn't have disgusting living conditions, that I wouldn't be against eating meat.  For example, when people hunt, those animals are living in the wilderness, where they can live freely and are not imprisoned in a cage barely larger than themselves.  These animals in the wild had a chance at living, so therefore I am not against them being hunted as long as the people that kill them are making the most of the animal by eating it and things of that nature, and not just shooting it for game.   So basically I've concluded that my purpose for vegetarianism is not because animals are being killed, but it is the way they are being killed.