Monday, June 9, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Twenty Five

Based on my experience, I think 20 time was a really great opportunity for kids to explore their own passions and learn about things they truly enjoy and things beyond the books. I am really glad that I could be a part of something like this. If I had to change anything for students next year, I would change how we chose our topics because I think some students had a difficut time choosing what they wanted to work on for the year, and what they chose didn't actually interest them.  Because their topic didn't really interest them, they didn't get a lot done.  But I think since our class was the guinea pigs of 20 time, it was more difficult to create ideas since we didn't have anything to base it on. Aspects that shouldn't be changed next year is the security blanket of failure being an option.  I think that took off a lot of stress for a lot of students.  I also think that the Friday's set aside each week just for 20 time shouldn't be changed as well, except I do feel that some students don't use the time wisely so what could be changed is the guidelines of what must be done on those days set aside for 20 time. 20 time is definetely something every school should have because it allows students to learn about themselves and find their passion and do something different besides the normal homework out of the book.  To students next year doing 20 time, I would say to give a good thought into what you want to pursue for the whole year and make sure your passionate about it so that your drive will allow you to accomplish some really awesome things.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Twenty Four

I have to give my speech in two days and the nervousness is really starting to kick in.  I have all my pictures and what I'm going to talk about together, but I'm pretty nervous. But I'm also anxious to get it over with.  I made a plan that after my speech I will go back to being a meat eater.  I definitely don't think I'll eat as much meat as I use to, but when it's convenient I will have a bite.  Just today I almost broke when I was at a barbecue with some friends and we were grilling up some hot dogs and hamburgers.  I was starving and the burgers looked so good, I was so close to giving in.  After all there were only two more days left of my vegetarianism.  But at the same time, I only had two more days left so might as well stick it out until the end.  I think I'm actually going to have a hard time going back to eating meat because of the guiltiness I'll feel of going back. Especially since I've stuck it out this long.  Who knows, maybe the guilt will be too much for me that I'll stay vegetarian for even longer.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Twenty Three

Over spring break, my family and I drove all the way down to Florida for a nice lil' vacation. So of course, everyone's has to eat on road trips so we made quick stops at different fast food places where we could eat and get back on the road as soon as possible. The only problem with eating at fast food restaurants is that most of the options are meat based. My family wanted McDonalds, KFC...all the good famous meat-lover places. For me on the other hand it was a struggle to find options that didn't incorporate hamburger meat or chicken wings.  I had to stick with Taco Bell for my go-to place for some bean burritos and such. It got old pretty fast, but I stuck with it.
I've been continuing to work on my speech for the end of the year, and I've incorporated a picture of me on my Meat Day at Buffalo Wild Wings and I'm going to put the vine of the chickens that I posted a few weeks ago.  I'm pretty nervous to talk for longer than what I'm used to for school projects, but I'm also excited to talk about my experience and hear everyone else's.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Twenty Two

I've been thinking more about what Id like to focus on during my speech on my experience and I'm leaning towards talking about passion and drive for what Id like for people to take away from hearing about my project.  Doing something like giving up meat, a food that is included in many Americans every day diet, including mine, wasn't easy, so some sort of powerful motive was needed to keep me from breaking my vegetarian diet plan for these past few months. Usually people don't just make changes just for fun, but there's most likely some sort of drive behind them pushing them towards their goal.  For me, the animals help keep me on track--every time I want to eat some chicken or some meat-related food, I thought of all those pictures I saw of those poor animals in disgusting conditions, the horrifying videos of what the workers do to the helpless creatures, and all of the information I found about the disgusting truth behind the packaged meat in our grocery stores.  That was my driving force for this project, and so for my talk, I will focus on the bigger picture and talk about the importance of finding your passion and what drives it to make a change.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Twenty One

Track season started at my school a few weeks ago and I was a little worried that my dizziness and light-headedness would affect me during the season. When we first started doing more intense workouts at practice, I noticed I became very dizzy whenever we'd have a water break.  I decided to buy some protein bars to see if that would help.  I purchased a ton of different kinds of Cliff bars and Luna bars.  They both have about 9 grams of protein in them and also have a good amount of iron and different necessary vitamins to maintain a healthy body.  They're actually really good; I always look forward to snack on them during school.  Not only are they yummy, but I think that they definitely help in keeping me stabilized and feeling good.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Twenty

My purpose for being vegetarianism is to go against the ways of how animals are treated at farms that sell their products to us.  Not only am I against the treatment of animals that we humans consume, but I am against the treatment of animals that we humans purchase as pets. There are these horrible places called puppy mills. It's a large-scale breeding operation where the money brought in is more valuable than the treatment of the dogs.  Because of how these priorities are put in order, the dogs bred at these mills had a lot of health problems including heart disease, deafness, eye problems, fleas, heartworm, and parasites.  Since the operators don't check the dogs for sicknesses such as those, puppies are sent to pet stores and homes diseased and unhappy.
At these puppy mills, the dogs are kept in overcrowded and unclean conditions.  They're kept in cages with wired flooring that can hurt their paws.  The cages are sometimes stacked on top of each other and barely bigger than they are.  The dogs at the mills never get to go outside and are stuck in their disgusting living area or they spend their whole life outside exposed to all types of weather.
Puppy mills send their dogs to pet stores, so if you are planning to get a dog, I urge you not to go to a pet store to find one.  All pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills, and if we stop purchasing them there, the pet stores will stop buying them from the mills.  If the pet stores stop buying the dogs from the mills, then they'll have to be shut down.
Even though I never plan on eating dogs, places like puppy mills still abuse these poor animals and it needs to be put to an end as well.
So I ask that you please never get a dog from a pet store and instead to adopt. Even buying one from a responsible breeder that you know treats their dogs kindly is better than supporting these awful puppy mills.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Vegetarian for a Year Post Nineteen

A friend of mine who knew I was a vegetarian sent me this gif that I attached to this post.  Before you decide to watch it, I have to warn you that it is very graphic and gruesome.  In the gif, it shows baby chicks being grounded up in this machine. Supposedly the clip has sound too where you can hear the chicks scream, but for some reason you can't hear it which I'm not too upset about because I'm sure it's not a very pleasant sound.
      The story behind the video is that farmers grind up the male chickens because they're infertile so they have no use for them.  They are suppose to kill the animals humanely, but grinding them is easier, plus they can be used to feed the pigs or they are just thrown away.
     It's all pretty disgusting and I don't know who could feel good about themselves after grinding up baby chickens.  Things like this  are what keep my going at my lowest points when I want to go back to eating meat.